4th Grade

Mrs. Jill Klaasen

Mrs. Jamie Vento

Mrs. Katelyn Walsh 


The main units covered in Mathematics are: Place Value and Operations, Fractions and Decimals, Geometry, Measurement and Data

Unit of Student

Students Will Learn

Place Value and Operations

Place Value of Whole Numbers

Whole Number Operations (Multiplication& Division by one and two digit numbers)

Factors, Multiples, and Patterns

Fractions and Decimals

Fraction Equivalence and Comparisons

Add and Subtract Fractions

Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers

Relate Fractions and Decimals

Geometry, Measurement and Date

Two-Dimensional Figures


Relative Size of Measurement Units


Perimeter& Area


Students will be participating in a Reader’s Workshop Program allowing them

to grow as readers and analyze different types of text. Novel study and small group instruction supports the teaching of the following units.  


· Unit 1:  Interpreting Characters


· Unit 2:  Reading the Weather, Reading the World


· Unit 3:  The American Revolution


· Unit 4:  Historical Fiction Clubs


Students will develop the necessary skills in order to read independently and

respond to reading by demonstrating specific understanding of a selection.



In fourth grade, students will be participating in Writer’s Workshop. Writers will be a part of a mini-lesson with the teacher where new writing strategies will be modeled. Students will then be given time to practice these skills independently or with a partner. Teacher led conferences will help to further individually improve student’s writing.The units of study that are focused on are:


· Unit 1: The Arc of the Story: Writing Realistic Fiction 


· Unit 2: Boxes and Bullets: Personal and Persuasive Essays 


· Unit 3: The Literary Essay: Writing about Fiction 


· Unit 4: Bringing History to Life: Research Based Writing


· Unit 5: Historical Fiction Writing


· Unit 6: Journalism 


In fourth grade Science, we are currently using Science Dimensions and FOSS, where the students will engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate subject matters based on the concepts below. 


Earth and Space Sciences

Physical Science

Life Science

Studying Science

Soils, Rocks and Landforms


Plant Structure and Function

The Engineering Process

Animal Structure and Function

Social Studies

The Fourth Grade Social Studies curriculum emphasizes three main areas. These areas include democratic and citizenship, historical understanding and geographical understanding of local and state history. Students will be using a variety of maps to locate important places throughout history. Throughout the year students will work on long term projects, hands on activities and group activities. The year is full of excitement as the fourth graders dig deep into the past to uncover the excitement and marvel of the story of time. Below is a list of topics that will be covered:


  • Map Skills (Including New Jersey/Parsippany)
  • American Revolution-Role of New Jersey/Parsippany
  • Democracy/Government
  • 4 Regions of North America
  • Economic and Technological Change-Impact on New Jersey




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